Desktop Editing

A decade ago if a client wanted a simple effect like revolving a title it had to be done in an editing studio at a cost of $5000 or more.  Today such an effect costs $0 since the effects are included in desktop editing software programs (Avid, Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas), and as simple as clicking a mouse.

Software programs like Gorilla, Movie Magic and Celtx also reduce time and costs in scheduling, storyboards, budget development and supervision, etc.

In the past the only way to add music to a movie was to hire an orchestra, and then along came synthesizers, but today software programs like Sony's Cinescore automatically generates fully composed production movie soundtracks for movies. A just released software program, Music Mastermind, even lets you hum a tune and turns it into full-blown professional sounding song. Several companies offer excellent royalty-free music. Music can now be added to Independent movies for hundreds of dollars rather than hundreds of thousands of dollars - or even millions of dollars (see the music budget for Spider Man below).