No longer does a film have to be shot in 35mm for a theatrical release. Cameras like Sony's RED One have revolutionized film production.

The  complications of 35mm film stock: processing, transfers, copying, distribution, film opticals, and countless hours editing film was always a major expense to a film budget.

Rick McCallum, Producer of Attack of the Clones, confirmed his film shot on digital cost $16,000 compared to shooting in 35mm which would have cost $1.8 million. Neill Blomkamp, Director of District 9 says the decision to shoot with the Red One was a no-brainer. “It's the future of film making.”

The RED One not only looks like 35mm film, but at 4K resolution it exceeds 35mm film - and it doesn't an cost an arm and a leg. A Panasonic 35mm film package rents for $21,000 a week compared to a RED at $2,500 a week. “This camera empowers filmmakers. Before you couldn’t afford to shoot on 35mm - now you can shoot on Red.”
Current films shot in SONY RED One include: Angels and Demons, Night at the Museum, The Book of Eli, Lovely Bones, District 9, The Informant, Che, Knowing, My Bloody Valentine, Gamer, Crossing the Line, etc. The Academy Award nominated, BLACK SWAN, was shot using a Canon D7 - a camera retailing for $3,000.